Everything like before. Why?

The earthquake shakes the earth, destroys houses, upsets the nature. But it also shakes inside: it destroys our daily habits, it upsets the natural unfolding of the days dictated by the morning alarm clock, the kiss to their children before going to school, the repetition of gestures, thoughts, actions that we lack when the earthquake takes them away.

case terremotate ad Arquata con cornice verde e foto di un operatore con caschetto e martello intento a sistemare

“Come Prima” is a right

Come Prima” is the PROFILART WOOD project dedicated to the victims of all earthquakes, because getting your life back is the right that everyone has. Have a home again, go home and regain lost habits you can do, but you have to do it safely. Wooden houses are safe, because wood is a natural and naturally flexible construction element, naturally suitable to absorb the waves of an earthquake, naturally leading to ensure the resistance of a housing structure.

Together, with our people

PROFILART WOOD makes wooden houses using the best team of experts but “Come Prima” means “Like Before” and therefore, as happened before the earthquake destroyed the lives of thousands of people, the houses of the project will be built using masons, plumbers, electricians, trusted suppliers of the areas affected by the earthquake. Why must we go back to work “like before“.

Soul and history

Wood, memory of our past, contains a better future, more respectful of the environment, safer: a wooden house is alive, vibrant, familiar and transmits a natural warmth. The wooden house has a soul and a history, as our villages we want to go back to being “Come Prima“.