• Trust won and confirmed over time in our territory and not only!
  • Compant credibility and capital strength
  • Certified material and traced in every phase, from the woods to your home!
  • Trust from our suppliers
  • For everything else… Let the data speak!


  • Wood has always been part of our lives
  • For years we have been present in the industry
  • Love and Passion for our job and our territory
  • Care and protection of the environment is a fundamental element for us
  • From the old to the new generation… united by one passion!


  • Continuous investment in new generation machinery and staff training;
  • “We put our face” every day in the field;
  • Continuous commitment to innovate and build always in step with the times;
  • Building a better future with roots firmly rooted in the past.

Ten reasons why you should
build a wooden house

Everything like before,
“come prima” project


ProfilartWood wooden houses are by far the best choice for:

  • cut energy costs

  • have a unique living comfort

  • maximum safety in case of earthquake

  • long durability

  • total fire safety

Wood Ideas

Some products designed and built by the technicians of ProfilartWood where all the style and sensitivity in the design of Made in Italy emerges


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